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Symantec® NetBackup KM for PATROL

Symantec NetBackup KM for PATROL helps administrators reduce their costs by automating backup monitoring. Integrating into the BMC environment, it provides data protection by ensuring backup reliability and performance of your backup solution.

Key Features

  • Server availability: status, memory and CPU time consumption, etc.
  • Jobs:  duration, data throughput and time elapsed since last backup, comparative statistics, etc.
  • Log Files: size, content, growth rate, file system space utilization, etc.
  • Robotic libraries and drives: library and drive status, throughput, loaded media identification, etc.
  • Disk storage and volume pools: space utilization, status, count, etc.
  • Catalog database: space utilization, file system monitoring, time since the last database backup, etc.
  • Client: connectivity, metrics from the last successful backup, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures maximum backup application availability and maximum data protection
  • Detects backup and restore errors
  • Helps prevent backup system failures
  • Detects disk or tapes space shortages
  • Helps identify bottlenecks and optimize the backup policies.


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